I’ve written about BMW’s many times, specifically the E39 M5, which is widely regarded as the best sedan that humans have ever constructed. They built about 20,000 of them from 1999 through 2003 and because it was so perfect, so balanced, very little changed during it’s run. The 50/50 weight balance and the over-engineering that those wily Germans are famous for have left a lasting impression on automotive enthusiasts and E39 M5 demand is rising. Prices are also on the rise. Expect to spend somewhere north of $50K for a low mileage, stock car that hasn’t been modified. Sure there are plenty of cars that can be had for under $20K, but always remember rule number one when it comes to German cars: There is no such thing as a cheap German car.

I may look like a boring 15-year old German 5-series, but looks can be deceiving.

I may look like a boring 15-year old German 5-series, but looks can be deceiving.

Or is there. I’ve been watching this 2003 M5 on Bring A Trailer since last week. It’s one of the last ones ever made, it has 38K miles and super rare red seats that you’ll either love or hate. The bidding hasn’t been crazy and the price of the car isn’t crazy out of control yet either. The car does have a history as a “track demonstrator” vehicle at the BMW Performance center. The question any potential bidder must ask themselves is does that matter if the car has been taken care of and loved by it’s current owner. Yet another question is what would you spend on one of the last of the analog M5’s given it’s history? Click the link and ask yourself yavol or nein!


Erica Habedank | CW44/CBS Tampa Bay



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