I love a BIG car. One that’s so huge, you could land a plane on it. Before I got bitten by the fox body Mustang bug way back in the era of big hair known as the “Awful Eighties,” I owned cars that were larger than my my parents bedroom. My favorite was the car I bought right before my senior year of high school, a loaded, dark blue 1973 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ that had a big 455 V8 and was still wearing the original honeycomb wheels. I went against my better judgment and paid $2995 to a guy wearing a suit that was too small for him at a shady roadside used car dealer on old 301 in Bradenton because what could possibly go wrong. The Admiralty Blue Metallic paint looked great, there were clean white imitation vinyl bucket seats, power moonroof, AM/FM/8-track and power everything else. Very rare to find a loaded old car like that even back then. My friends at school thought it was my pimp’s car but it was indeed mine and not even an average of 8mpg (that is not an exaggeration) could make me give it up. The big block V8 made it the ultimate smoky burnout car. I fried more sets of Goodyear Eagle ST radials than I care to remember.

The right foot can turn these in to smoke. #science

This is where clouds come from. #science

When an even older Grand Prix showed up on Bring a Trailer the other day, I got excited. This particular 1968 Grand Prix. with very low mileage, is so big makes my old ’73 look like a compact car. Check out the many pictures on this pristine example of a car that I’ll bet most of you reading this can’t even remember seeing on the road or even at a car show. It’s cool that it doesn’t have a vinyl top, like most big cars of that era and the story behind it and the documentation that comes with the car is even cooler. I don’t know what’s bigger, the hood that hides a big V8 or the trunk that could fit a half a dozen bodies. One thing is certain, the first thing I’m going to do when I win this auction is buy some old Goodyears and fry them up! This glorious land yacht deserves it!


Erica Habedank | CW44/CBS Tampa Bay


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