Mustang owners get blamed for all kinds of stupidity. When you see a car doing a burnout after a Cars and Coffee event and then it goes sideways and hits another car, it’s usually a Mustang. Then there’s the car that shows up in Mexican street racing videos on Youtube and somehow, while racing in a straight line, the Mustang takes a left turn and hits a wall.

This story isn’t going to make any Mustang people happy. It doesn’t even make me happy, because if I was ever going to buy Mustang number 9, it would be the new Shelby GT350. This lovely example, in Oxford White with the optional blue racing stripes, managed to be in someone’s hands for about four days and 247 miles when the Mustang Curse struck. Perhaps someone will buy it, fix it and make a race car out of it or use that amazing flat plane crank V8 engine that revs to 8200RPM in another Mustang instead of LS swapping another Chevy engine in to a Ford.


Erica Habedank | WTOG CW44/CBS Tampa Bay


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