I love face masks. I love putting them on. I love how they make my skin feel. I love how silly I look while waiting for them to dry. But what do I love most of all? I can get great, at-home face masks for under $5!


I’m not too fond of DIY masks – you know the masks I’m talking about. The ones with recipes you found on Pinterest made of stuff like honey, sugar and last night’s leftover guacamole dip. I feel you don’t see the same results with those homemade masks. The drugstore (aka CVS, Walgreen, even Publix), however, can provide the results you’re looking for.

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I did sound research and found 5 of the best drugstore masks for under $5. These masks can:

  • Give you a deeper clean than cleansing alone
  • Moisturize dehydrated skin
  • Promote even skin tone

Okay, I got your attention, now let’s talk application. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Try to stick to one brand. For instance, I use Olay, so all of my skin care products should be Olay.
    • I break this rule when using drugstore masks because I only do them about once a week.
  • Wash your hands. Enough said.
  • Clean your makeup off. Helps avoid clogged pores and its nasty to leave makeup on.
  • Cleanse fully. Cleanse your skin with your everyday cleanser before using the mask.
  • Relax. Sit back with a book or a Netflix series, wait the allotted time as described on the mask package and enjoy!
  • Clean off with a warm, damp wash cloth.

Onto the masks. I found 3 masks that I recommend, and the Internet provided 2 recommendations, as well.

My Picks

Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Masque, Green Tea ($1.99) | Individual packet for one time use. Peels off. Leaves skin feeling soft and clean. Feels like it gets deep in to pores and peels impurities right out of your face.


Montagne Jeunesse Argan Oil Mud ($1.99) | Individual packet for one time use. Leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. Removes impurities.


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Why so serious?

Why so serious?

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Mask, Facial Polishing, Charcoal & Black Sugar ($3.99) | Like a mask/exfoliator combo. I suggest using this in the shower as it can get messy. Always use exfoliators at night, including this mask. Gives a deep clean. Leaves skin soft with a noticeable difference. To take it off, wet hands with warm water and LIGHTLY massage mask into skin. Then wash off.



Internet Picks

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Mask, Avocado & Oatmeal ($3.99) | Gives a deep clean. My skin felt soft and clean. I have dryer skin and it left me feeling a little too dry. My boyfriend (pictured at top of post) has more oily skin and he liked the after effect.



Biore Self Heating One Minute Mask with Natural Charcoal (link says $6.99, but I got it on sale for $4.99) | Heats up right away in your hands. Feels great and warm when you put it on your face. Only stays on for a minute, making this a super easy-to-use mask. I felt it gave my skin a good cleaning, but not a deep clean.



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