For quite some time, Tara, T.M., Vanessa and Veronica had just one wish. After nearly 3 years and a few dozen shooting stars, the 44 on the Town crew was granted that wish. The CW44 family band together to build a new set and, after a mere 4 weeks, the makeover was complete. Watch the video above for a full look at the transformation!

Check out the brand new 44 on the Town set Sundays at 11am on CW44!

Thank you to Juma and Town Furniture for providing the beautiful furniture. An extra special thanks to Greg Blackburn, Jon Harsanje and Val Pinchbeck for their tireless work on the construction, lightning and new graphics.

In episode one on the new set, Tara provided some decorating tips inspired by our work in the studio.

  1. Find an inspiration piece | We used the Skyway bridge photo as our inspiration. This gives you a place to start.
  2. Start with neutrals | Accent with colors. We chose blue and white as neutrals, teal and orange to accent.
  3. Think about color coordination and height | When decorating an area of your home, such as a bookshelf, remember things don’t have to match, they just have to go. Also, vary the heights of pieces to add interest.
  4. Incorporate unique items | Details matter – such as our old-time film machine, our propeller or those shiny jacks. Every detail adds to the overall look.
  5. Don’t rush | Decorating is hard to do all at once. Always be on the lookout for new and interesting pieces that fit your home’s style.