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Daniel Nyiri, personal trainer at 4U Fitness in Tampa, may only be 26 years old, but he is in high demand to those looking for expert tips and coaching on nutrition and fitness. Nyiri’s ultimate goal in life is to “make everyday Americans happier and healthier.” He does this by motivating his clients to achieve their own personal goals and teaching them how to maintain a sustainable health regimen. We sat down with Mr. Nyiri to discuss his background, what makes him do what he does and how you can track him down.

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Where are you from and what made you want to enter this lifestyle?

I’m from Budapest, Hungary. I played professional hockey all over the world from 2006 to 2010 – until I was seriously injured. My hockey injury was a pivotal moment for me. As I was trying to heal and recover, I found that my passion was in helping others. 

It was also evident that there was so much information out there and how easily the general public could get confused on how to get healthy. From numerous health magazines to supplement companies, everyone seemed to be pushing products and “quick fixes” just to make money. That unfortunate accident caused me to retire at the early age of 21. I then had to make a career change. It was at that time that I realized where my true passion truly lies.

I obtained my personal training certification through ACE [Fitness, The American Council on Exercise] and have used my experience as a professional athlete to help others adopt a balanced and healthier lifestyle.    

How would you say you are changing lives through your work?

To start, exercising makes everything better, including your general health, your cognition, your metabolism and more! You can eat more, and you feel better. You relieve stress and are less likely to put junk in your body, since you care about yourself. As cliché as it sounds, exercise truly changes one’s perspective on life. And, did I mention that you would also live longer?!

At 4U Fitness, our oldest client is 84 years old. He came to us with a walker. He finished his program 14 pounds lighter and no longer needing his walker.

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We mainly focus on fat loss – not weight loss. Weight loss normally means that one is losing water, muscle and only some fat. This type of loss generally comes from under-eating and that is not what we are here to do. We teach people how to gain muscle strength while losing fat and we give our clients an understanding that severely cutting calories is not the solution. It is imperative that the body and muscles are fed efficiently while participating in an active training lifestyle.

Do you have a special style or technique you implement when training clientele?

We have our own invention, the E-Fit. It’s a specially-fitted full body suit that our clients wear while they view themselves on a TV screen in 3D. The screen displays all of their working muscles, as they are being stimulated simultaneously by electric impulses. The workout is only 20 minutes, but it is equivalent to 1.5 hours of heavy training in the gym.

Tell us about some of the things you do for and/or with the community.

We continue to offer free boot camps on Saturdays for the community. We support local businesses, and our staff attends charity events on a regular basis. 

How can Tampa area residents get in contact with you and the gym?

I would recommend for people, who are planing on changing lifestyles and trying to get healthy, to always do their own research; and to always ask the question “why?” and listening carefully for the answers.  

They can reach us on our website, where we have tons of free information and recipes—with macros and instructions! Our Facebook page is also very useful. Find us at can always reach out via phone, as well: (800) 421-5850.

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