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Mighty Mongo was formed in the Tampa area in 2012. The band toured for three summers before two of the original members had to leave for personal reasons. That would have spelled the end for many bands, but founding members Lindsay Vitola (lead singer, keytar) and Alex Card (lead singer, bass) regrouped in 2015 with three new musicians and a fresh new sound. Now they’ve back and stronger than ever with Andrew Rotunno on guitar, Jon Tucker on saxophone and Lance Cox on drums.

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How did you turn this regrouping into something fresh?

As of right now, we are definitely still alchemizing a foundation from which we can successfully launch our positive transformation. We have spent this year writing and recording, we have a new EP in the works, we are planning new music videos for every single that we are releasing next year, and we are also working with amazing local bands in order to put on some fun and original showcases for the auditory arts this winter.

What was the inspiration for the band’s new direction? How was it decided upon? How did the fans receive it?

We are moving more towards alternative/rock/pop. It definitely still has that signature Mongo upbeat, feel good, party vibe, so hopefully, people still like us a little bit.

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What do you like best about Tampa and how does it influence your music?

There really is a revitalization of the live music scene in the Bay Area that becomes more present every passing year. New bands and venues are popping up everywhere while older venues and bands continue to thrive. We are also surrounded by theme parks, which hire a lot of talented musicians, singers, actors and more. Florida, as a whole, is full of talented people that are doing really interesting things. I think the Bay Area scene has definitely influenced our music, most specifically because we’ve gotten really comfortable playing just about anywhere. This area is a melting pot of hipsters and artists and millionaires and students and beach bums and bath-salt addicts. Florida is weird. Playing for all these different crowds and social groups has made us more confident performers, and I think that comes through in the music we create together.

How will you keep things fresh and lively for the future?

We plan on amping up our internet game in 2016! I think that’s what a lot of bands are doing these days, and even though we come from a more traditional mentality of playing tons of live shows and getting out into the world and physically talking to people, we have to accept that people don’t always like physically talking, or going to places and doing the things. Sometimes people really just want to look and learn from the comfort of their own home. So, starting in January of 2016, we plan on adding a lot more online content. We’re going to be releasing singles, videos, lyrics, pictures and interviews with much more increased regularity.

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