TAVARES, Fla. (CBS Tampa)– A baby boy born with most of his skull missing celebrated his first birthday after doctors predicted he would only live for days after being born.

Jaxon Buell was born with a rare brain malfunction called Microhydranencephaly, according to his GoFundMe page.

Parents Brittany Buell, 27, and Brandon Buell, 30, were reportedly told by doctors that he would only have a few days to live, but baby Jaxon just turned one.

“Jaxon has already shown how strong, smart, and special he is, accomplishing feats that doctors doubted he’d ever be able to do, shows improvements each and every day, and just reached a miraculous milestone in celebrating his 1st birthday,” the parents wrote on the Jaxon Strong Facebook page.

The page has more than 127,000 followers and shares family updates. Supporters have also taken to social media using the hashtag #JaxonStrong to show an outpouring of love and share the miraculous story.

“We are always appreciative and humbled when Jaxon’s story is shared, especially on this level, and it’s amazing what kind of footprint our little guy is having around the world!” the family wrote in another post.

Microhydranencephaly is an extreme brain malformation and there is currently no known cause or cure. The parents note that it cannot be categorized by any known diagnosis but that it is similar to Lissencephaly in many ways.




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