Not only can beauty be painful sometimes, it can also be very expensive.

We all want to look our best, but there are times when we just can not afford a $300 haircut. Below I’ve put together some tips to keep you looking beautiful until payday.

1) Book a newbie stylist

We all have “our girl” who does our hair and we love her, but if you’re just going in for a trim and a maybe a little color, book a newbie stylist and save your money for more important things, like wine.

2) Have unusable clothes altered 

I recently bought a shift dress online that was too small in my hip area, instead of pushing it to the back of my closet and calling it a lost-cause, I took it to a tailor and for less than $10, had it changed into a blouse.

3) Free gift with purchase (Estée Lauder, Clinque, Lancome)

This is a no-brainer, sometimes we have to splurge on expensive make-up products, but try to buy your “worth-it” items when there is a free gift with purchase offered.

4) “Retail me not” shopping app

Check shopping apps to see if the store you’re shopping at has any discounts or coupons being offered.

5) Throw a swap party (Clothing, Accessories)

When you’re in desperate need for something new, but just don’t have an extra cash, look to your friends. Swap some items for a week, a month or forever depending on the item.

6) Sign up for “sales” emails from your fav stores

I know the amount of emails we get can get a bit out of control sometimes, but knowing when a product you are already going to buy is on sale is a great way to save some money.

7) Add saline solution to mascara to make it last a few extra days

It’s Monday and your poor mascara is almost gone, unfortunately you don’t get paid until Friday… what do you do? Simply add some saline solution to the tube and get a few more days of clump-free lashes.

8) Use baby shampoo instead of expensive make-up remover

They are practically the same thing, except for the price. Make-up remover is almost 60% more expensive per ounce.

9) Return make-up you don’t like

If you don’t like a makeup product you can return it (within 30 days, with a receipt), even if it’s been opened… this will definitely make sure you’re not wasting money of products that you don’t use.

Do you have any money-saving beauty tips? Share them below!

Tara Wikoff | CW44 Tampa Bay

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