OXFORD, Miss. (CBS Tampa)– People are outraged and sickened after a video went viral of a college student biting off a hamster’s head while partying on spring break in Florida.

The video first gained attention after Daily Mail reported that 18-year-old Ole Miss student Brady Eaves bit off the head of the live hamster.

“I kind of cringed a little bit,” one Ole Miss student told WMC. “I had to kind of look away.”

The video, which was reportedly filmed at a drunken party, shows fellow spring breakers cheering Eaves on as he performs the gruesome act.

Eaves was a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. The Fraternity’s president has since condemned Eaves’ behavior and kicked him out of the organization.

“We are very disappointed and disgusted in Brady’s actions. These actions are inconsistent with what we believe as men of Phi Delta Theta and are inconsistent with the creed of the University of Mississippi. This incident was during spring break and is in no way associated with any chapter activity of Phi Delta Theta,” the fraternity said in a statement, as reported by WMC.

University officials say they are aware of the video and are actively investigating. Many students are shocked and disturbed by the incident.

“I don’t even know why you would think to do something like that,” one student told WMC. “Who comes up with stuff like that?”

Eaves could potentially face felony animal cruelty charges, which carry a maximum jail term of five years and $5,000 in fines.

The parents of the student released a statement saying they have withdrawn Eaves from school and are assessing the situation to make sure similar behavior never happens in the future.

“First, as the parents of Brady Eaves, let everyone please be assured that we do not take the subject of animal cruelty lightly, nor do we in any way condone the behavior displayed in the recent video of our son that has gone viral on the internet. The actions that appear in the video go against everything that our son has been taught, and we can assure everyone that his actions are not what he believes in his heart, nor are true to his character. While we are extremely disappointed and greatly disturbed by his actions, as his parents, we know Brady to be a very bright and talented young man with a huge heart,” John and Angel Eaves said, as reported by WMC.


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