ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – A new policy at Zephyrhills High School will require students to be escorted to the bathroom during class.

Pasco schools superintendent Kurt Browning wants the school principal to reconsider that policy, a spokeswoman told WFLA-TV.

The new policy started Tuesday after the students came back from spring break. It is hoping to cut down on trouble with students in the hallways and deal with safety concerns, a school official told WFLA.

“We had some kids spread feces in the bathroom, we had fights in the bathroom, we had some theft issues,” Principal Andrew Frelick explained to WFLA.

One teacher reported that drug deals take place in the hallways and that students have sex in the bathrooms.

“This is what we’re trying to put a stop to,” Catherine Burgess, a Fine Arts teacher at the school, told WFLA. “We’re trying to take the school back so we can teach and students can learn.”

The policy may be modified on Friday after this semester’s grades come out. The principal only wants students that are considered academically “off-track” to need escorts. That would make about 80 percent of the students not need an escort after Friday.

The school’s faculty and staff support the policy.

The senior class president also does, he said some issues in the hallways have been resolved the last couple of days.

Frelick wants to meet with parents and explain the policy to them.

“I think it’s pretty ludicrous,” Brian Blackburn, a parent of a student at Zephyrhills High School, told WFLA. “I really don’t see what someone’s intelligence has to do with their bladder.”

Some students do not like the policy.

“I think having an escort to bring you back and forth to the bathroom is some sort of invasion of privacy, you know,” Kaitlyn Witzke, a junior at the high school, told WFLA. “It just doesn’t make sense.”


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