By Danny Cox

Unless they win the NFC East, it is very possible for the Philadelphia Eagles to win out, end the season at 11-5, and still miss the playoffs. There is a lot on the line for them as they face off with the hapless Washington Redskins this weekend, and a win is a must so that there will be no confusion as to who belongs in the postseason.

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In Washington, Robert Griffin III is back in at quarterback thanks to a neck injury to Colt McCoy, and the carousel continues. Now, the confusion over RG3’s future with the Redskins is even more confusing because he has to lead the team for the final two games after he was benched just two weeks ago. Steve Beuerlein of CBS Sports spoke on the game and the problems that are plaguing the NFC East.

When Nick Foles is healthy, do you think the Eagles will go immediately back to him?

Steve Beuerlein: “I would hope so. Nick Foles is a guy that they truly believe in, and he’s shown in the past that he might be a franchise kind of guy. Mark Sanchez, there’s no way. Nobody believes that. He’s had a couple of good games, but he’s an average thrower at best and a back-up. Unless Foles can’t play, he’s not going to beat the guy out to lead the Eagles.”

Philadelphia could end up 11-5 and still out of the playoffs. Do you think a change of format is needed?

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SB: “I don’t. It’s a system that has been in place for quite a while. When they went to 32 teams and got eight perfect divisions…I think the format is about as close to perfect as you can get. There’s going to be these years where this kind of scenario unfolds, but this is very unusual. It’s not normal. I’m not sure when the last team with a losing record was there to win a division or how many times it has happened in the past, but it’s just an unusual situation.

My belief is that you don’t entirely restructure the system based on one fluke year.”

Is there a future for RG3 in Washington?

SB: “He played really well last week and I think coach (Jay) Gruden was impressed with how he played last week. If he can put together a few good performances to end the season and stay healthy, I think that it will entice them to bring him back for one more year. As long as the comments can stay positive this week…I think Gruden is intrigued a little bit by what he saw in RG3 last week.

Aside from possibly falling apart, I think he’ll be back in Washington next year.”

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