With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it was only natural that Fan Interference made it the subject of this week’s Draft Day Tuesday. And even though everyone on the show likes food (except Jim), they’ve decided that this draft will feature ALL things Thanksgiving, not just food.

Take a look at the results of the draft below and vote for which member of the show had the best Thanksgiving draft!

Greg Linnelli
1. Turkey
2. Pumpkin Pie
3. Thanksgiving Shopping
4. Radio Stations Playing Christmas Music
5. Gravy

Jim Lighthall
1. NFL Football
2. The After-Dinner Nap
3. The Leftovers
4. A Separate Table For The Kids
5. The Carving of the Turkey

Justin Pawlowski
1. Stuffing
2. Beer
3. Pecan Pie
4. Turducken
5. Christmas Movies

The Drake
1. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
2. The Backyard Family Football Game
3. Breakfast
4. Ham
5. Being With Your Family