By jessekage

There were 15 minutes to go and there they sat, the Miami Dolphins were right where they needed to be. The Fins, by virtue of the inspired play of their young gun slinger, were just 15 minutes away from the “upset” of the weekend. They were 11 points up, that might as well of been 11 points as to why they would implode the way us Dolphins fans have experienced in the modern era of the Franchise…

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11. This is what they as a team do, they find new ways to disappoint the diehard.

10. Just when you think this “D” had figured out how to stop an elite QB, they prove that even the most basic of coverage is unable to be executed when it really mattered. Yes even Brent “Optimus Grimes” gave up a few that really hurt.

9. A porous Offensive line won’t be able to contain the gnarly pass rush of the #2 ranked D in the NFL right? Wrong. Was Wake even on the field? Sure did not seem like it.

8. A third string undrafted RB can’t slice up that same “fearsome” front of the Dolphins, right? CJ Anderson thought otherwise and scampered for a buck sixty seven.

7. One Sack, One Hit, One Pressure on Manning for the game? REALLY?!

6. Manning is Manning, steady, confident, intimidating.

5. Missed tackles, 14 missed tackles. Wrap someone up, WRAP THEM UP!

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4. As good as Tannehill played, he STILL can’t deliver the long ball to Wallace. Who’s to blame?

3. Then there is the interception on the tip drill. For as good as the rookie, Jarvis “JUICE” Landry played, pulling in 2 more TD’s on the season, the tip that led to the interception in that 4th qtr was brutal. Landry said. “I’d rather sacrifice those touchdowns to get a W any day.” So would we Juice, so would we.

2. Because 36 points, on the road, should be enough, but we Fins fans know it’s not.

1. This team is just not good enough to win the “big” game. Every Fin fan knew that those 11 points were not gonna cut it, and these 11 points were proof positive.

No, the season is not over, but these guys just drove another nail into a lid on the coffin that Peyton placed on it.

Up next, a Monday Night match-up with the JETS. Hopefully I’m not writing 30 “points” on next weeks blog, as the Monday Night Miracle still stings.



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