Watching Bucs Football Can Be Painful By Rich Herrera @RbirichBy Rich Herrera

Sunday I sat down to watch the Bucs game at Hooters in John’s Pass. The place was hopping the Bud Light was flowing and the wings were perfect. Bucs fans were wearing their gear hoping for Tampa Bay’s third win of the season. After all as bad as the NFC South the Bucs would be in the thick of things with a win and be only one game back. The day started out well enough with a early 10-0 lead against the Bears. Dreams of post season started dancing in Pewter Pirates heads.

But then it happened, the moment that has happened over and over, again and again way too many times for Bucs fans. It has nothing to Josh McCown or anything that happens on the field. No this happens before the fumble, interception, pick six, sack, or what ever happens to the Bucs as they blow yet another game. It is that moment that hits you right between the eyes. It’s that feeling of being punched in the gut. It’s the moment in time when Bucs fans realize that as much as they cheer, as much as they wish, as much as they pull for their team, that there is nothing that can stop it, another bad game for the Pewter Pirates, another loss for Tampa Bay.

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I saw it for my very own eyes on Sunday at Hooters. I was sitting there at the bar watching the kick off of the game. A couple sat next to me and they were excited to watch the Bucs and the Bears. She was wearing her favorite Bucs shirt. He was all fired up to watch Lovie take on his own team and was all smiles when the Bucs took the early lead. Then reality set in, they went from all smiles to frustration that started to boil over with grimaces and fist pounding. Then came anger punctured with a few colorful words whispered under their breath.

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Then it hit, the SMH moment when it hit them, this game like so many others is a lost cause. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, the woman who was sitting next to me had all the emotion drained from her face and all she could so was “Shake My Head”. At that point it was a hopeless in her mind. The Bears were going to win the game and there was nothing the Bucs could do about it no matter what. The couple had nothing else to do but ask each other, what else could go wrong. The Bucs score a TD and Mike Evans commits a stupid penalty. The Bucs make a long pass completion and add more penalties and a few sacks just for good measure. And with that they got up and left before the game was over.

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They say things are going to worse before they get better. But after seeing the Bucs last game I am not sure we have seen rock bottom yet.