Everybody knows about Fantasy Football, it’s all the rage. I also find it to be a bit more challenging to win at on the daily fantasy site that I like to frequent. See, with football you have more players so there’s more chances for things to go wrong. It took a minute but I found I can win more often playing FANTASY BASKETBALL because it’s easier to identify which players are going to pay dividends night in and night out. Plus, the season’s not yet 15 games old so you have plenty of time to get good! Look, I don’t profess to be the biggest NBA fan, but with a little schooling you can win coin following these easy tips:


There’s a few guys I ALWAYS try and get into my lineup, no matter the cost. Remember, on most daily fantasy sites you get a salary cap ($50,000) with which to fit eight or so players. Some players you will find always perform at a high level and you definitely want to get them in if possible. Players like Orlando’s Nikola Vucevic. This guy is a double-double machine and that’s big points in FB. Also, go straight for Anthony Davis of the Pelicans, and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat when they’re playing. I also love Rajon Rondo of Boston and either of the Gasols. These guys produce but you’ll have to pay for ’em.


Check out the NBA Network when at all possible. Bradley Beal came back for his first game of the season for the Wizards on Wednesday night against visiting Dallas and put up 21 points. In his first game back all season! I plugged and played him because I was paying attention. It’s really not that hard. Also, keep an eye out for guys that are starting to figure it out. Players like the Bucks Jabari Parker, Boston’s Kelly Olynyk, and Chicago’s Taj Gibson may not yet be household names but they perform well in the world of fantasy.


Even if you think you know basketball, take your time. They have a beginner’s lane on most sites and I recommend starting there until you have a feel for the nuances of daily fantasy basketball. Try the 50/50 contests because you only have to beat half the field. For example, I’ll get into a $5 50/50 game with 30 people where I have a chance at winning $9 if I can pick a better squad than 15 other players. You place in the top half on a few of those and you can up the ante. But win a few first. Take your time, choose wisely, and good luck!

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