Will Molina play again in 2015, the answer is YES By Rich Herrera @RbirichBy Rich Herrera

The Rays DFA’ed Jose Molina last night. That means the Rays have ten days to either trade him or release him. You scoff trade him, who in the world would want Jose Molina? He was a black hole at the plate. Didn’t throw runners out. Why would anyone want him? I personally don’t think anyone will trade for Molina at 2.7 million dollars due in 2015. Nope I think he goes through the ten-day period and the Rays will be forced to eat his 2.7 million and release him. Does that mean his career is over? Nope, Rays fans I fully expect him to be in camp this spring with some other team. Come on now Big Fajita someone is saying right now, you have to be kidding aren’t you? No I am not!

You see there is a dearth of catching in the big leagues right now. That is one of the reasons the Rays signed Molina in the first place. Now he had some help with in the Rays to get signed here. Number one Joe Maddon was very familiar with him, from their time with the Angels. Number two he had a great rep for being a defensive stud behind the plate and the Rays are always looking for defense. Number three David Price and the other Rays starters really liked throwing to him. All that added up for Molina to be the Rays catcher for the past few years, even though everyone knew he was going to be one of the worst hitters in the game, everything else he brought to the table would far outweigh everything else he has going for him as far as the Rays were concerned.

This is where the Rays fans have to understand who they the Rays are and what they can and can’t do. Anyone telling you anything else is lying or a fool or both. Rays fans have to accept the fact that with their small payroll they have to find players with flaws. They can’t buy the cream of the crop in free agency. There is a reason why they sign players the Yankees and Red Sox don’t. One reason some of the players the Rays sign don’t go to New York or Boston is that those teams can afford better options. A catcher that is great behind the plate but can’t hit a lick isn’t in their plans because they can pay enough to get one that can call a good game and hit just a little bit. Those players are in demand and command more than the Rays can pay. So for the Rays they have NO CHOICE but to get the left overs of someone who can catch but not hit or can hit but can’t throw anyone out trying to steal.

The best catcher on the market was Russell Martin and he was signed by the Blue Jays. That’s about all the free agency market had to offer. So if anyone is looking for a catcher, they will have to trade for a top flight catcher and no one ever trades one of those. The other option is to sign one that is flawed and hope for the best. Hmm sound like anyone you know?