Did the Bucs make the right call trading LeGarrette Blount By Rich Herrera @RbirichBy Rich Herrera

The Steelers had enough with LaGerette Blount this week cutting him after he walked out on the team after the team beat the Titans 27-22 on Sunday. Reports have Blount walking off the field before the game was over, shower, dress and head to the team bus while the rest of his team was still in the stadium. One of his teammates asked him to come back in the locker room with the rest of his team, he refused. Today not many of his team mates have come to his defense. In fact several teammates seem to be glad he is gone.

I bring this up to make sure we keep it honest when dealing with the Bucs. So many times we want to write the history of a trade in the hours after a trade. When Blount was sent to the Pats in the spring of 2013 fans in Tampa had grown tired of his act. Under Raheem Morris he was one of only two undrafted free agents to rush for 1000 yards his rookie season. He had come to the team with baggage from college where he got in trouble for punching an opponent on national TV. But all that would have been forgotten if he could give you 1000 yards a season right. Well that was the peak of what he would accomplish with the Bucs. After that he lost his starting job, couldn’t get to team meetings on time and was in a spin that he couldn’t get out of. He had all the talent in the world and could have been an All Pro if he could just get out of his own way.

Once he went to the Pats, Bucs fans could be heard groaning why did he trade him away. He scored TD’s in New England and looked like he turned his world around and Bucs fans had that old familiar feeling of here is another former Buc to go on to greatness.

Fast forward to 2014 and now Blount is a Steeler. He has had some success, but now has been reduced to a back up, and started the same behavior that Bucs had gown tired of. He had more baggage he carried after he left the Bucs, run ins with the law included. Now he is a free agent once again after his latest antic with the Steelers. Would you want him back with the Bucs? The answer is no. When you look back at what he has done since leaving the Bucs, we can start to analyze the trade the Bucs made during the draft that netted them a draft pick and the rights to Jeff Demps.
The Bucs made the right move then, now that you look back in hindsight. The Bucs couldn’t get the most of him, the Pats couldn’t nor could the Steelers. I wish him the best, but even with all the talent in the world the Bucs made the right move trading him away, and recent history proves them correct.