Sometimes we get to it in the first hour, sometimes we get to it in the final hour, but no matter what, Fan Interference always makes time to call out worthless items.

Every Wednesday, the guys go around the room and nominate an everyday item they feel is absolutely worthless, followed by our callers giving their best suggestions. Last week’s listener choice of keys that car dealerships send in the mail was the most recent winner, and thus has been added to our master list of worthless items.

Jim Lighthall kicked things off by nominating rear windshield wipers on cars, followed by The Drake’s selection of hand dryers, technical producer Brooks Roland’s choice of oversized sunglasses on women, Greg Linnelli picking people who wear ski caps indoors, and Justin Pawlowski selecting shoehorns. After taking several nominations from callers, Jerry in Tampa was deemed to have the most worthless listener item by recommending decorative eyelashes on cars.

Which item do you think is the most worthless? Vote in our poll and decide!