Mark Cook from Pewter Report as he does every week, joins Fan Interference to talk about the Bucs performance from the past Sunday. Mark marveled at the performance of Mike Evans. Mark said that out of college, he was surprised by how quickly he has adapted to the pro game. In the A&M offense, Evans wasn’t asked to do a whole lot of things differently, so for him to pick up the pro game the way he has, has been great to see.

At quarterback, Mark says these next 6 games will tell us a lot about where this team will go in the future at the position. Regardless of how it finishes, Mark says that Josh McCown will probably get the chance to compete for the starting job, regardless of the other quarterback on the team next year.

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Mark also discussed that the offensive coordinator position maybe looking for a new hire after the season. The Bucs according to Mark will want a guy with some experience in the pro game after the last few experiences with college guys not going as well as hoped.

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On defense, the defensive line has done a much better job of generating pressure to the quarterback and working as a unit to funnel the quarterback to the rest of the line. Mark says look for more playing time for the best guys suited for the job, instead of the players or free agent signings that make the most money.

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