Former GM Vinny Cerrato joined The Booger and Ryan Show to discuss what a GM does in a situation like the Bucs when their team is 2-8 and could play to get a better draft pick.

Cerrato said he’s far too competitive to look at his 53 man roster and think “I hope you lose.” There’s no way he can do that.

When it comes to the NFL Draft, Cerrato said that if there’s a franchise QB there for you in the first round, you have to take him. You have to continue to try to find that franchise QB because you can’t win without one.

Would Cerrato take Jameis Winston? He said he would have to do a lot of evaluating before making that move. Cerrato said there’s no doubt he’s a talented player but he’s going all the way back to his high school to figure out if he’s always going to make bad decisions like he has so far in college.

When it comes to Adrian Peterson, Cerrato said he agrees with what Demaurice Smith said, he thinks the NFL is just making up these punishments as they go. He would award Peterson for his time served but would also fine him for the games he sat out.