Do you think Peterson is getting a fair deal from the NFL By Rich Herrera @RbirichBy Rich Herrera

The NFL has been a punching bag this season. Players getting in trouble with the law. Lawsuits flying around. Head Trauma lawsuits. Plus two very high-profile players standing tall above all else Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. Peterson has reached a plea agreement with the DA in Texas. There were reports he thought once that was done he had paid his penance and would be allowed back on the field. The Commissioner had other ideas and has banned him the rest of the season with out pay.

Since the news came out, I have been amazed with the pubic reaction. I was listening to radio stations in Minnesota and heard apologists attacking the NFL for the way they are treating AP. I have seen tweets and FB posts and commentary that the league has been unfair to Peterson. We have heard from the NFLPA crying foul about Roger Goodall’s dropping the hammer on the Vikings running back. I actually heard one dolt say that he heard from friends who know the mother of the boy who was beaten with a switch, and that he was suffering no issues because of the beatings. Enough!!!

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Let me bottom line this for everyone. The NFL and NFLPA have a CBA that both operate under. That CBA is ill-equipped to handle heinous actions by players under this CBA. The CBA can handle DUI, PED, but I don’t think either side ever envisioned a player that beat his small child with a switch that broke the skin. I don’t think the CBA envisioned a player knocking out his fiance with an upper cut caught on camera. Yes there is rules that everyone has to live by with a CBA. Yes Peterson and Rice are bound by the CBA as does Roger Goodell.

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The one thing the CBA does not apply to is the fans. The fans that buy tickets, and pay the salaries of Goodell, Rice and yes Peterson. The public was disguised by the actions of both players. Knocking out a woman with one punch is inexcusable. Hitting your child with a switch in inexcusable. Period end of story!!!

So my question to everyone is Does AP deserve all of this, did he bring this upon himself? Has he take responsiblity for his actions? Has he shown remorse for what he did? How much of this did he create.

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My bottom line is yes, AP has rights under the CBA. And YES be brought all of this upon himself. So before anyone feels sorry for him, and his plight no one is more responsible for this mess than he is.