College football insider Pat Forde from Yahoo! Sports joins us every Thursday at 4:20pm.

Jameis Winston’s Title IX hearing was pushed back to December 1st after requests by Winston’s attorney were made to the school. Forde said it’s interesting that the delay is two weeks because it gets him past the Florida game, but not the ACC Championship Game or FSU’s bowl game.

Forde said that the athletic department hasn’t done Winston any favors.

“The school in general I think has largely failed Jameis Winston,” Forde said. “But I think most of that has generated from the athletic department more than the university”

Forde said Oregon has put together a solid month while FSU has struggled however he can’t put the Ducks ahead of the Noles because of their one loss to Arizona. In the end, Forde said it probably doesn’t matter.

So does Miami have a chance against Florida State this weekend? Forde doesn’t think so and said he was surprised that the betting line didn’t favor FSU even more than it already does.