One of the things that Justin missed most while being out was his weekly chats with Greg Cosell. Unfortunately, since they last spoke, not much has changed with the Bucs since Justin was gone.

One of the constants for the Bucs throughout this year has been the offensive line, and that’s not a good thing. Greg pointed to the Bucs lack of athleticism on the offensive line, and in today’s game, Greg says that that is a huge problem with the skill and scheme on the defensive line.

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Lovie smith said that Josh McCown gave the team a spark, and while Greg had a difficult time seeing that. Greg said that with the inability of the offensive line, McCown maybe the best fit at quarterback because he has more of an ability to create out of nothing unlike Glennon who is best when throwing in rhythm.

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On defense, Greg pointed out some of the deficiencies in personnel that doesn’t allow them to play the Lovie cover 2. Greg says that the Bucs lack a pass rush, a safety, and someone in the middle that can make plays in the passing game.

Moving forward, Greg says that the Bucs have shown him that internally, the team maybe looking to a future at quarterback without the guys who are currently on the roster. With the changes that have been made, Greg says that the team does not have the belief that Glennon is their guy that they feel is the future.

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