Every Wednesday at 11:20, Fan Interference nominates items for Worthless Wednesday, where the guys go around the room and discuss items from the both the sports world and our everyday lives that they think shouldn’t exist anymore.

Jim Lighthall’s choice of hood ornaments from last week had the highest percentage of votes from listeners, his third victory in a row on Worthless Wednesday. This week, Jim’s nomination was the last bit of cereal at the bottom of a cereal box, which Jim referred to as cereal dust. The Drake followed that up by nominating windshield wiper fluid, Greg Linnelli chose people that take up two parking lot spaces when there’s nobody else around, and Justin Pawlowski picked pretzel buns.

After several suggestions from listeners, the guys determined that the key mailed to you by car dealerships was the best listener nomination. Which item do you think is the most worthless? Cast your vote below!