While Justin was out, The Buccaneers have basically been put in the same place that they were before Justin left. Today, Mark Cook joined the guys to discuss this team. When pressed by Justin to give him a part of the game where the Bucs are better, Mark said that the Bucs are better on offense with Mike Evans really shining since becoming more of a focal point in the offense.

On defense, Mark was a bit surprised by just how poorly the team has played. Cook talked about the Bucs inability to generate a pass rush, or have a takeaway in a big moment.

The focus for Bucs fans for the past couple weeks has sadly been forced to be shifted towards the draft, particularly the quarterback position. Mark says that people have talked openly about the philosophy of Lovie Smith in the draft, and Mark was quick to point out that Jason Licht, and perhaps even the Glazer family, will step in and make their voices heard if they have identified a quarterback they want here.