Last week, Washington Nationals pitcher and local product Tyler Clippard joined Fan Interference as their guest drafter for Draft Day Tuesday. Tyler ended up dominating, winning the listener vote by a wide margin.

This week, Todd Kalas, who covers the Rays for Sun Sports/Fox Sports Florida, stopped by the studio to participate in the draft. The subject for this week was sports cliches, and the choices were practically endless. After a random drawing, Todd got the first pick, followed by The Drake, Jim Lighthall, and Greg Linnelli. Who picked the best list of the most overused sports cliches? Cast your vote below!

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Todd Kalas
1. “Take it one day at a time”
2. “Giving it 110%”
3. “He has great work ethic”
4. “I’m just trying to do my part to help my team”
5. “There is no tomorrow”

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The Drake
1. “I’d just like to thank God”
2. “This game’s not gonna be played on paper”
3. “When these two teams get together, you can throw out the record book”
4. “We wanted it more than they did”
5. “I don’t wanna point any fingers”

Jim Lighthall
1. “We beat a very good team today”
2. “It’s a game of inches”
3. “This team has finally learned how to win”
4. “It’s a shame somebody had to lose”
5. “These two teams don’t like each other”

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Greg Linnelli
1. “He’s a competitor”
2. “We need to find somebody to step up”
3. “He’s a warrior”
4. “It is what it is”
5. Forfeited due to making a duplicate pick