The great Charles Davis from Fox sports and the NFL Network joined Fan Interference today to review another crazy weekend in college football. One of the big surprises of the weekend was in the Big Ten when Ohio State defeated Michigan State. The Spartans were a team according to Charles that none of the top 4 potential teams wanted to play MSU because of their ability to score along with their great defense. Tonight when the rankings are are released once again, we will find out a lot oabout what the committee thinks about bad losses like the one the Buckeyes had to Virginia Tech earlier in the season.

Baylor is another one loss team that is fighting the perception of soft non conference scheduling. Charles says that it is something that will play in up until the point where Baylor finishes 11-1. Charles, who is an AP voter, says that he placed Baylor behind TCU who Baylor did beat earlier in the season. Charles believes that if Baylor and TCU do finish the season 11-1, that Baylor would be the team that moves on based off their head to head win against the Frogs.

An issue that the Big 12 teams this week has been that the league being at 10 teams presents an issue with deciding who the champion of the league would be. Charles says that the league may have to wait a couple years and times where it becomes an issue before they consider addressing the issue of expanding to 12 teams for a conference title game in football. When pressed for an answer for who those teams would be, Charles suggested that maybe BYU, Cincinnati, and UCF could be teams that a league like the Big 12 could look at.