Was Schiano that bad after all? By Rich Herrera @RbirichBy Rich Herrera

I have been a sports talk show host for many years now. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone calls and rips into a team, a player, or a coach, and says “This guy sucks, I don’t care who you get anyone has got to be better than this guy”. When I did the Rays post game show it was a daily occurrences that someone would call in and say “I don’t care who Maddon puts out there just don’t let me ever see INSERT NAME HERE

We heard that over and over again and again last year with Greg Schiano as fans screamed from Brandon to Bradenton that they don’t care who is the Head Coach of the Bucs “I will take anyone over this guy”. Well Last season under Schaino the Bucs were 0-8 at this point in the season on their way to a 4-16 season. Enter Lovie Smith as the head coach of the Bucs. He made sweeping changes and cleaned house, and what did we get? Some how this version of the Bucs feel a lot worse than last years team. The Bucs have been hammered twice this season. Last year the Bucs were blown out by 20 at the Pats in week 3 and by 18 against the Panthers in week 8. Some how this season the Bucs feel lot worse than last year. Both teams had to make Quarterback changes, 2013 Josh Freeman to Mike Glennon, 2014 Josh McCown to Mike Glennon to Josh McCown for now.

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Last season we saw a string of running backs injured, but we saw Mike James step forward then Chris Rainey take over for him. This year we see the play of Mike Evans as a bright spot for the 2015 team. Last year we saw big money free agents come in, and not make an impact due to injury and poor play. This year we see much of the same. The one constant on defense is the play of Lavonte David who had another game with 14 tackles.

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But some how this season, the Bucs are more depressing even though they have a better record than the 2013 Bucs squad. Maybe last year all the hate directed at Schiano that took the heat off the team that was without a win at this point of the season. He was blamed for all the faults of the team and was the one who took almost all the blame for play on the field. Fans screamed just get rid of Schaino and the Bucs will get better without him and his college football mentality. Well Coach Schiano was shown the door and the Bucs today, are not as good as the team last year was.

This years team is spinning its wheels and not getting better at either side of the ball. Tampa Bay have the worst QB controversy of all time as two back up QB’s battle over who should hold the clipboard and who should be on the field. The Bucs still can’t rush the QB and the DB’s are still getting beat.

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So the next the time someone calls in and says “Hey pal, I don’t care who you go get anyone will be better than this guy”. I will ask you, really? Are you sure about that?