Pat Forde from Yahoo! Sports joins The Booger and Ryan Show every Thursday at 4:20pm to talk all things college football.

Forde’s biggest takeaway from the College Football Playoff committee was Ole Miss dropping so far when they lost by a foot and Arizona State being rewarded so much in their rankings.

Forde said it’s not out of the question to have 5 two loss SEC teams in the West. Despite that, Forde said whoever wins the SEC should be in the playoff.

Forde said Alabama has been good but they may be getting too much love.

“I think they’re getting a little too much credit for being Alabama, quite honestly.”

Florida had a big upset over Georgia and Forde said he couldn’t believe it. Nobody expected the Gators to score that many points but Georgia did flop in that game according to Forde. So where does Muschamp stand?

“My school of thought is Florida should aspire to be better than 8-4,” Forde said. “I’d be surprised if Florida is willing to settle for that or less three out of the last four years.”

USF is struggling but Forde said that the Bulls have to stick with Willie Taggart even though they’ve been disappointing. He would at least give him a 3rd year.