Greg Cosell of NFL Films joins Fan Interference as he does every week to discuss what he sees from the Buccaneers and why they are where they are. Mike Glennon, someone that Greg is high on, said that as far as he can recall was the worst game he has seen him play. Cosell looked at the two throws that Glennon under threw to Mike Evans that could have been touchdowns, along with poor footwork that played into his poor play.

Greg did note that although he is not in the building, Greg noted that the offense that the Buccaneers run is a not a very complex offense that puts wide receivers in positions to be open. A Lot of the offense is predicated on receivers winning one on one battles on the outside.

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With Josh McCown being named the starter, Cosell says that although McCown has had flashes in his career, he is pretty much a guy who is going to play like a career backups in the NFL. Greg did say that without evaluating each player on an individual basis, that the offensive line may have put together their best game with protecting the passer and opening holes for the running game.

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When looking at the defense, Greg said that he saw the Buccaneers running primarily a lot of zone cover 2 defense that isn’t designed to disguise anything. Cosell noted that the Lovie Smith cover 2 defense is an execution defense more than a defense that tries to confuse an opposing offense. The main thing that Cosell mentions that if a pass rush is not working, than a good NFL offense will find the voids in the cover 2 defense.

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With the season essentially heading towards the NFL Draft for the Bucs, Jim asked Greg about Marcus Mariota and his potential in the NFL. Greg noted that he just saw him on TV, but said that he was not impressed with Mariota as a thrower. Although he made that statement he did qualify that until he is able to see the tape, he cannot fairly evaluate the pro potential of the Oregon quarterback.