As is the case every Wednesday, Fan Interference goes through the world and decides the things in the world that have no business being in existence. Each week, each person presents their submission and we put them to a vote for listeners to vote on. The item that receives the most votes is then added to the worth”list”.

Last week, Jim Lighthall continued his hot stretch with old exit numbers that are above new exit signs in case anyone still used road maps.

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This week, Jim started off by staying with motorized vehicles, but in a different way. Jim decided today to submit hood ornaments. When Jim was learning to drive, he always thought that he could use the ornament to help center his car and stay in his lane. As we all learned early on, that was not the case.

Next, Greg Linnelli has decided that he is tired of coaches who use their playbooks to hide their face. Is what these coaches are saying really that easy to deceiver on the sideline that they need to cover their face? Greg thinks not.

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After another week of football that was tough to watch in Tampa Bay, Drake decided that all quarterbacks in Tampa Bay may need to get an addition to the list.

Finally, our listener submission decided to take a look at Steve Spurrier and submit that the visor is completely and utterly worthless. If you’re trying to shade your face, why bother when you’re burning you head in the process.

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