No Franchise QB in TB BY Rich Herrera @RbirichBy Rich Herrera

Pewter smoke has risen above the giant football at One Buc signaling yet another change at QB for the Buccaneers. I would like to ask if I can have the rights to the pewter smoke for TB, because if I did I would be able to move into a bigger house than Derek Jeter’s crib. In the past two decades the Bucs have rolled out the same QB for all 16 games only 9 times. From 1995-1998 Trent Dilfer started every game, Shaun King in 2000, Brad Johnson in 2001 and 2003, and Josh Freeman in 2010 and 2012. In between we have seen Craig Erickson, Steve DeBurg, Eric, Zeier, Rob Johnson, Brian Griese, Chris Simms, Tim Rattay, Bruce Gradkowski, Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown, Josh Johnson, Byron Leftwich, Mike Glenon, and Josh McCown. The Bucs have used three different Johnson’s at QB, two McCown brothers, three players named Josh, and two sons of Super Bowl winning QB’s who became broadcasters. I can’t make this stuff up fans.

So the fact in 2014 the Quarterback position is unsettled shouldn’t be a big shock to anyone. Since the club was founded 38 years ago there have been only 13 seasons in which the Bucs had one QB for all 16 games. Now I know there are injuries and people get hurt, but this is a fact, the Bucs history proves that they have been a failure in developing a franchise QB.

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You have seen Quarterbacks leave here and win titles, Doug Williams, Steve Young, and Trent Dilfer. People always point to Steve Young, but he was a refuge from the USFL and stated 5 games for the Bucs, while Williams started 67 and Dilfer started 64 times. Compare that to “FRANCHISE QB’s” through the years. Let’s take a look at a couple of TB QB dads from the Bucs, Bob Greise played in 161 games for Miami, and Phil Simms played in 164 games for the Giants. The Bucs have never gotten close to anything like that. But I think they might be the only team to start two different Quarter Backs with whose last name started with the letter Z, Jim Zorn and Eric Zeier.

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The Bucs have a long history of not having a long term QB, that is the leader of the team. They have not drafted anyone and developed them into a corner stone of the franchise for a decade. This runs though every coach from Coach McKay, Sam Wyche, Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, Greg Schiano, and now Lovie Smith. It has run though every GM and owner the team has ever had. Derrick Brooks has been the Pro Bowl 11 times, you know how many Bucs QB have had Pro Bowl years? Two, Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer one time each.

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History will repeat itself over and over again for those that don’t learn from it, and the grade for the Bucs in their own history is an F- when it comes to “FRANCHISE QB’s”. I’ll hold off on purchasing that Buccaneer QB jersey for now if you don’t mind.