Would You Root For The Bucs To Go Winless For The Rest Of The Season By Rich Herrera @RbirichBy Rich Herrera

The season has not gone according to plan for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There were thoughts somewhere between a .500 team to one that could make the playoffs. No one, not even Calvin in Clearwater would have said out loud the Bucs were going to be in the hunt for the #1 draft pick in the 2015 draft. This season the every flaw the Bucs had has been exposed. Some we knew about others, while other flaws have come into clear view for everyone to see. Bottom line is that the Bucs are going no where this season. So what are Bucs fans to do? Root for your team to win each game like a fan should do. Go out there and root for pay back versus the Falcons and Saints. Or do you look long term and hope for the Bucs to have the number one choice in the 2015 draft. That means rooting of the Raiders to win 2 games this season, and the Bucs to lose out the rest of the season. Either way its not a very good Bucs Life right now.

I was on the Press Box on TV on Bright House Sports last week with Rock Riley and Roy Cummings from TBO.com. I threw out the #WasteIt4Winston on the air and then tweeted it out after the game on Sunday. The reaction was heated. Many fans were upset that I tweeted it out and said if Bucs draft Winston and they were done rooting for Tampa Bay. Others were saying YES YES YES like Daniel Byrant in the ring. Jameis Winston is an intriguing thought for the Bucs. He is a proven winner with a Heisman pedigree. He can make all the throws and can run like the wind. He can rally his team and leads the biggest of comebacks on the biggest of stages in college football. When the game gets tight he actually plays his best.

On the flip side he is reckless and throws picks. There are going to be questions about his maturity and off field behavior. In the court of public opinion in many people’s eyes he is a villain and there will be as many boos as cheers when he takes the field in the pro.

Maybe we can use #MuckIt4Mariota #BlowIt4Brett Hundley #DropIt4Dak Prescott to hope for a number one pick next year. Bottom line is that the Bucs are a bad team with many many issues. The offensive line is well offensive. The Bucs need offensive tackles, is that something they could take with a number one pick? The Bucs also need safety help, linebacker help, pass rushing help, running back help, offensive coordinator help. The Bucs need as much help as they can get in the draft and from the football gods, either way #BucsNeedHelp. Or maybe they can sign Tim Tebow.