When an NFL team starts 1-7, there’s typically plenty of blame to go around for why that team is failing. In the case of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it has been a combination of the following factors that people point to for the team’s failures this season: Lovie Smith, Mike Glennon, the Cover 2, a lack of talent, no pass rush, the offensive line, and many others.

Jim Lighthall, Greg Linnelli, and The Drake decided to focus on other factors that contributed to the Bucs’ loss in Cleveland. Jim stated that the Bucs merely do certain things in games that other teams don’t do. Things such as jumping offside on a field goal attempt, allowing the Browns to convert a 3rd-and-16 from their own 3-yard line, biting on play-action when Cleveland hadn’t run the ball successfully all day, dropping passes, and mismanaging the clock towards the end of the game. In other words, they’re doing things that cost them games that you simply don’t see from successful NFL teams.