Fan Interference’s Justin Pawlowski has been out on paternity leave to be with his wife as they welcomed their first child into the world this past week. But that didn’t stop Justin from taking a few minutes to call into the show to talk about the joys of being a new father and to offer his insights on Sunday’s Bucs-Browns game.

Normally, Justin is fired up on Monday mornings following Bucs losses. But he admitted that he didn’t really get upset about the team’s latest loss, as it just isn’t important as it once was because of the birth of his daughter. However, it didn’t stop him from giving an honest assessment of the organization. Justin stated that Mike Glennon is a career backup, the coaching on the team is horrendous, the time management is awful, and that he wants to give Lovie Smith the benefit of the doubt, but it’s hard to do so when each game gets uglier and uglier.

Justin then asked the following question: “What has Lovie Smith done well since becoming the Bucs’ head coach?” Take a listen to hear the rest of the conversation.