When Mike Glennon filled in for an injured Josh McCown as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ QB, the 2nd-year signal-caller out of NC State led the Bucs to their only victory of the season in Pittsburgh. His performance that day kick-started talk that Glennon just might be the franchise QB the Bucs have been looking for since the franchise’s inception.

After Sunday’s 22-17 loss to the Cleveland Browns left the Bucs with a record of 1-7, Jim Lighthall says the Bucs may have blown their chance at picking up another victory. In fact, he doesn’t see the Bucs winning another game in 2014, especially with the remaining teams left on their schedule. Take a listen as Jim also broke down Glennon’s performance, talked about the Bucs getting away from the running game in the second half, took calls from disgruntled Bucs fans, and more!