Fox Sports writer Aaron Torres joined Marc Ryan and Greg Linnelli for a discussion about the college football playoffs, the rankings, and even why the Florida Gators made the right move by not firing Will Muschamp a year ago.

When asked if a two-loss SEC team would get into the playoff over a one-loss team from another conference, Torres said that it was all circumstantial and depends on the losses, using Georgia as an example by saying that if the Bulldogs had lost somebody like Vanderbilt and then gone on to win the SEC, they probably wouldn’t get in. He also added that when a team like LSU, who many feel is no better than the 6th-best team in the conference, beats Ole Miss, it complicates things. However, he also stated that the rankings would probably sort themselves out over the final month, especially with many of the teams in the Top 10 still due to play one another.

Torres and Marc also got into a discussion about the state of the Florida Gators, and Torres mentioned that even though there’s not a UF fan that would defend Will Muschamp right now, it was best to hang onto him after last year to find out for sure whether or not he was the wrong guy due to all of the injuries in Gainesville in 2013. He then went on to say that everyone now knows for sure he’s not the right coach for the job, and that his 2012 Sugar Bowl season was merely the outlier due to the fact they were winning so many close games and that way of winning wasn’t sustainable. Take a listen to the entire conversation below!