Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports joins Booger and Ryan every Thursday to talk about what’s going on in college football, and there was plenty to discuss, as the inaugural College Football Playoff rankings were released on Tuesday.

One of the most important things about the rankings that Booger noticed is that the committee doesn’t care about conference affiliation, they’re looking at the best four teams. Forde agreed with this viewpoint, saying that the initial rankings are “spot on” and that the best four teams must be chosen regardless of what conference they’re in. With several of the top teams playing each other, Forde added that one thing to look out for is how much teams will be penalized for losing to top competition over the final month of the season. Forde also talked about what Notre Dame needs to do to get in, why teams like Michigan State and Ohio State deserve the rankings they have, in addition to previewing FSU/Louisville, Florida/Georgia, Ole Miss/Auburn, and more!