Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety John Lynch joined Booger & Ryan to discuss the team’s trade of safety Mark Barron to the St. Louis Rams, and said that there’s plenty of blame to go around for Barron’s failures in Tampa. Lynch said that Barron is a safety that is versatile enough to fit into any defensive scheme, and that he has all the tools to be a great player, but just didn’t develop. He also said that even though a lot of that falls on Barron, his coaching under both Greg Schiano and Lovie Smith bear some of the burden for him not panning out with the Bucs.

Lynch added that as a coach, you have to find out what a guy does well, and then highlight those skills, especially with a player that was a top-10 pick. When asked about the Cover 2, Lynch said that it’s still a viable defense in the NFL, as evidenced by how well the Dallas Cowboys have run that style of defense this year. However, he said that the team has to preach accountability across the board and buy into the scheme in the same way the Bucs bought into the Cover 2 when Tony Dungy introduced the scheme to Tampa Bay in 1996.