Could Maddon be headed to Chicago Cubs By Rich Herrera @RbirichBy Rich Herrera

MLB has a rule that teams are not allowed to make major announcements during the World Series. That is maybe why everything is so quiet around Wrigley Field. The Cubs silence is deafening with all the rumors swirling around the windy city that Joe Maddon could be the next skipper of the Cubs. It has been a while since we have heard from the ownership of the Cubs on the status of their current manager Rick Renteria. Now that Joe Maddon is on the open market and the whispers are getting louder and louder that he could be headed to the Cubs. Other teams have come out publicly, like the Dodgers to say that Maddon is not in their plans. Others like the Phillies have let their local newspaper writers know that they have no interest in Maddon at this time. That is why the lack of anything come out of the Cubs camp smells like smoke and where there is smoke there is fire.

Maddon would be the perfect fit in Wrigley for the team that is trying to break the curse of the Billy Goat. He would work for Theo Epstein who knows first hand what Maddon can do. Maddon and company did the impossible and they took down Red Sox nation and ultimately forced the man who did what no one thought was possible, break the curse of the Bambino, who was eventually exiled from Boston. Maddon is great with working young talent and the Cubs have an army of budding super stars ready to become All Stars under the right tutelage. Did I mention the Cubs are saber metric driven and who loves a good defensive shift better than Joe Maddon. They have Spanish-speaking players and did I tell you that Maddon is fluent in Espanol. Hmm seems like a match made in heaven doesn’t it.

That is why around here if Joe Maddon takes the gig in Chicago, the conspiracy folks will start screaming tampering. Did Joe have an offer in his back pocket already when he sat down with the Rays to work out his next deal? Was that the reason why he was so eager to walk away from one of only thirty big league jobs in the world without any backup plans. I don’t know if the Cubs reached out to him or not? But I am sure we will hear plenty of people wearing tin foil hats who have whisper to bill goats that something stinks in Chicago.