Tonight the playoff selection committee with unveil their top 25 rankings, and Charles Davis who joins us every week says that in the future the committee may need to tweak this aspect of the system. Charles worries that the committee may not be ready for the backlash that they will get with every passing week with fluctuations throughout the process. Charles does understand why it was done, and that is because they can broadcast it and sell advertizing for it.

Charles does warn that while fans will see tonight’s poll and most likely overreact, Charles stressed that with so much season left, the whole season will play itself out with a lot of the top teams still left to play each other.

One of the issues that the committee is going to have to deal with is how much the SEC will beat each other up effecting their record. What could cause the playoff to move to 8 teams quickly will be if a 2 loss team from the SEC makes it into the playoff over another 1 loss team from a different power 5 conference.