Pewter Report’s Scott Reynolds joined Booger and Ryan to recap the Buccaneers’ OT loss to the Minnesota Vikings, his take on the performance of the team’s free agent acquisitions, and to talk about the state of the team going into Tuesday’s trade deadline. Scott didn’t hold anything back in his assessment of the Bucs, saying that they’re not even close to sniffing the playoffs and that Sunday’s game was an indictment of their offense as a whole, including quarterback Mike Glennon.

Scott also had harsh criticism for left tackle Anthony Collins and guard Garrett Gilkey, adding that Collins is “nowhere to be seen” on the field and even suggested that he would cut Gilkey after his performance against the Vikings to send a message to the team.

As for the trade deadline, Scott said “I would trade Doug Martin in a heartbeat”, believing that the team needs to turn the page on the former 1st rounder and move on. As for what he thinks will happen with Vincent Jackson, Scott said he’s still the team’s best receiver and that it would have to be a “sweetheart” of a deal to trade him. Click below for the full interview, and you can also read more of Scott’s work at!