With the news that Joe Maddon would no longer be the manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, Jon Heyman of CBS joined Greg Linnelly and Marc Ryan to give us the latest developments on this story.

Jon said that the news was surprising and that very few knew that the opt out clause was even in his contract. Heyman added that Maddon was underpaid during his time. Knowing how the team operates, the opting out is not a surprise.

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Heyman was asked if this was the final nail in the Rays stadium coffin and Heyman was hesitant to say that this was related to the stadium discussion. Maddon leaving perhaps will be an issue, but with Maddon leading the team on the field, a stadium was not something that was moving forward.

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For the future, Jon said that people he had talked to, Maddon at the moment will have to wait and see about taking another job if one opens. Heyman does think that in the short term however he would be able to find a suitable contract compensation for himself in the future.

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