With the Bucs on bye, Greg Cosell got a chance to take a look around the league and see what he sees on film.

This week, the Bucs take on the Vikings and Teddy Bridgewater. As a thrower, Cosell says that Teddy is a average thrower who will have to throw with great timing and ball placement in order to be successful. At this moment, Bridgewater probably should not be a guy that is starting but the Vikings really have no choice. One of the issues that Bridgewater has faced has been how much he is forced to rush the play due to the play of the offensive line.

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With the loss of Adrian Peterson, the Vikings have still tried to run the ball in an offense that has to try and run the ball. Another player that the Vikings offense has missed has been Kyle Rudolph. Rudolph according to Cosell has been a great safety valve for whatever quarterback has been playing for Minnesota.

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This week, Vincent Jackson’s name has been mentioned with trade rumors around the league. Greg says that the Bucs maybe looking down the road and sees that a player like Vincent Jackson may not be in the plans when the Buccaneers are ready to compete with the elite in the league. Having said that, the offense and guys like Jackson is not one of the main reasons that the team is 1-5.

Lovie Smith commented about the fact that the team has two quarterbacks and went as far as to not name a starter moving forward. Cosell wrote that off as simple coach speak and noted that Glennon has outplayed McCown by a wide margin this season. As crazy as it sounds, the Bucs are still in the discussion in the NFC South and Greg said if the Bucs are going to be a team that makes noise in the South, they will need to win 3 of their next 4 winnable games coming up.

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