Since Fan Interference introduced Worthless Wednesday, it has become one of the show’s most popular segments, featuring each member of the show nominating everyday items they deem to be worthless. The response from our listeners has been tremendous, as they light up the phone lines and Twitter with their own suggestions for worthless items. After the nominations are made, we put up a poll every week for everyone to vote on which item gets added to the master Worth List.

In fact, it was last week’s listener nomination of butt crack hair that won last week’s vote and took its place on our master list of worthless items, joining male nipples, fuzzy toilet seat covers, pet clothes, non-alcoholic beer, long receipts, pop-up ads, men who wear white jeans, gas prices based on payment method, roundabouts, and love bugs.

Give us your vote and tell us which of the below items is the most worthless for this week!