A few reason why the Bay Area should care ... by Rich Herrera @RbirichBy Rich Herrera

Tuesday the 2014 World Series begins with the Royals hosting the Giants. The Rays players and coaches have been fishing and playing golf for a while so why should Tampa Bay fans care? Neither of these teams play in the AL east and not do they have spring training in Florida any more. Well here I come to the rescue with a reason why you should care about this years World Series.

It’s a great chance to play, what should have been. If you are one of those guys who loves to complain about what should have been, this is the prefect game for you to sit and curse the Rays fate. In 2008 the Rays had the over all number one pick in the draft. Sitting there was a converted catcher from FSU named Gerald Dempsey Posey III. People around Georgia called him Buster. There were questions about his sign ability because as a number one pick in the first round he would be a 1/1 and could demand a king’s ransom in return. The Rays passed on Posey and used that pick to take a infielder by the name of Tim Beckham as the number one over all selection. Beckham has had injury issues, off the field issues and has not produced as of yet for the Rays. That Posey kid fell to the number five overall pick to the Giants who signed him. So far he has two World Series rings, an NL MVP trophy, comeback player of the year award, been on two All Star teams, won Rookie of the Year and a batting championship. So if you like to second guess and complain you will have an entire World Series to curse at the Rays why didn’t they take Buster Posey in 2008.