Former South Carolina and Tampa Jefferson quarterback Stephen Garcia made news yesterday when he made comments to a radio station in Charlotte that college football players were paid “all day, every day” during his tenure at South Carolina, but that he was never offered money for his autograph.

Garcia joined Justin and Jim on Fan Interference and didn’t back down from his original comments, but did say that he’s caught a lot of heat for what he said despite not actually naming any names or naming any schools in particular. He added that he believes that players everywhere are getting paid for their autographs and that it’s not going to stop any time soon, but did say “I’ve heard about it a lot more than I’ve actually seen it.” When asked if he ever got approached to be paid for his autograph, Garcia said that he was not. However, he mentioned that he doesn’t know anybody that would turn down money for an autograph if it had been offered to them, and believes that players deserve to get paid for their signatures.

Garcia also shared his thoughts on the SEC, whether or not he thinks two schools from the SEC will end up making it into the playoff, and more!