In the latest post from, Mark Cook takes us inside the Bucs’ locker room and shows us a side of Mike Glennon that the team’s record belies.

“I have more conviction in my throws,” Glennon told Cook. “I have a better understanding of where the holes are in the defense – when they bring pressure where the holes may be, when they don’t bring the pressure where the holes may be. So just all of that. The more I play the more experience I’ll get and the more knowledge I’ll get.”

Glennon went on to say that teammate Josh McCown has been a great help in his growth as a player. After his injury, McCown shifted his focus to being a mentor for Glennon and doing all he can to assist him on and off the field.

“It helps a lot,” Glennon said. “Every week he brings something new to the table for me to learn and every week there’s been something that he’s been able to point out that will be able to help my game out. “Like I say all the time, it’s great to have him and I’m fortunate to have someone with his knowledge and his experience and his willingness to help a younger player like myself.”

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