The big debate throughout Tampa the last couple days has been the play and mentality of Gerald McCoy. There are fans of the team that are giving McCoy a hard time for his mentality towards opposing players, and him helping a player of the opposing team up. Warren Sapp joined Booger and Ryan on Wednesday and said that he was almost sick watching McCoy help another player from the opposing team up. Sapp went on to say that you have to have a certain mentality to be a great defender.

One of the things that has been the issue with what McCoy does on the field, is how poorly the defense has played. If the team and Gerald McCoy are doing their job, then what Gerald McCoy does after the play is irrelevant. Another thing that fans maybe realizing is that the people around McCoy are not the players that Sapp had during the glory days of the “Tampa 2”. Regardless of what Gerald McCoy does post play, until the defense starts making plays, then the criticism and frustration will continue.